Who is Jade Vidovich?

Jade HillIndividual Professional Overview

My name is Jade Vidovich. I am a R-7 teacher and Apple Distinguished Educator. I am currently working at an independent school, teaching Year 6 students. This is my Professional Overview. Please leave me some feedback.

My Educational Philosophy

Students learn in a variety of different ways and as a teacher, I plan to meet individual needs. I am willing to learn new practices and teaching methodologies to assist my students with their learning goals.

To ensure I cater for the diversity within a classroom, I plan and program individual student learning goals to allow for differentiation. I work with students to set their own learning goals as well. I believe students should be aware of their personal achievements at school and also have input to what they want to learn about. I am keen to use structured and purposeful inquiry methods to teach students how to be life long learners to make relevant connections with our world.

I believe it is important to know where students are beginning in their learning journey in order to assist them with where they need to go. Therefore, frequent assessment and testing is critical in a child’s development. It is vital to keep this data to measure student successes and to build upon those successes. My assessments enhance accurate reporting to parents and fulfil my teaching duties and accountability.

It is my duty within the classroom and school setting to provide a stable and friendly learning environment for my students.  A nurturing and collaborative classroom environment will enhance student learning opportunities. I want my students to experience their own learning journey with some direction and guidance from myself to keep them on track with their learning goals and to extend them further.

 Pedagogical Goals

I am continuously working towards developing my knowledge and understanding of the International Baccalaureate program in order to assist me with my teaching strategies. I am learning more about the MYP, in particular I am developing my planning skills and exploring the possibility of taking a specialty subject across my year level. At this stage I think I will specialise in Humanities, Language A and Personal Development. I have been encouraged to observe and take in as much as possible, whilst making sure that I am meeting the National Curriculum standards.

I am embracing the 100 Word Challenge writing prompts and I have been entering my classes writing tasks into the challenge since late 2012. I wish to guide the children in developing their writing skills in the classroom with more success and globally connecting them to feedback from around the world.

I am learning new skills in ICT to benefit my own class as well as my students in ICT club. In 2012 I completed the IB course “ICT in the PYP” I have implemented my learning within the classroom. In particular, I have set up individual and class blogs for my students. I will continue to seek knowledge in this area through my own means as well as seeking assistance from my colleagues. I have recently been connecting with educational professional via Twitter. This has enabled sharing of resources and ideas, educational links to articles and opportunities to engage with like-minded professionals.

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